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Mouth Irritations

The two most common mouth irritations result from fever blisters (cold sores) and canker sores.

Fever blisters or cold sores appear outside the mouth. A virus called herpes simplex causes them and the fluid they produce is very contagious. Once infected by the virus, outbreaks may be triggered by a number of things, including fever, illness, stress, injury or exposure to sunlight. There is no cure, but there are medications, which can help. Some are available over-the-counter such as Orabase-B and Orajel. Regular dental hygiene should continue, but patients should use caution not to irritate the affected area.

Canker sores develop inside the mouth. There is no known cause, but the sores are not contagious. There is no cure, but Orabase-B and Orajel can alleviate pain. Dental hygiene should continue gently to avoid irritation.

If conditions continue to worsen, contact our office. There may be other, more serious, conditions that could be to blame.

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  Mouth Irritations
There is nothing funny about minor mouth irritations, especially for children. The two most common are fever blisters (cold sores) and canker sores.
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Dr. Biggins representing South Carolina as Past-President of SCAGD at the National AGD meeting in Nashville, TN - July 2003.


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